Pillayarpatti Karpaga Vinayagar

Karpaga Vinayagar in different Alangarams (Adornment)

Vinayagar, Pillaiyar, Ganapathy, Ganesh, Yanaimugan, Lambodharan, Vezhamugathon, by whatever name we pray it symbolises the one and only Vinayagar (the elephant-headed God).

He is the most beloved and revered of all the Hindu gods, and is always invoked first in any Hindu occasion.

Being the “Muzhumudal Kadavul”, meaning “The absolute first and foremost GOD or Deity”, He is worshipped before starting any activity as He is the Remover of Obstacles, the God of Harmony and of success.

As Saint Auvaiyar has remarked Vinayagar guards us as a Mother, Guides as a Teacher, Destroys all our hurdles and showers success on us. And has sung the famous “Vinayagar Agaval”.

We need not go very far to receive the showers of blessings of Vinayagar as He is present in all the Temples in Tamil Nadu, at times when we are unable to go to Temples He showers blessing from River Banks, beneath Peepal Trees and in every nook and corner of all the streets of Tamil Nadu. Vinayagar is the only GOD to have more number of names, idols, sculptures, carvings etc than any other GOD in the Universe. The speciality is that he being more popular, is simple that in Tamil there is a phrase “Pudichu Vecha Pillayar” meaning anything that is formed by grasping a handful, be it clay, cow dung, turmeric paste etc is Pillayar and can be worshipped as Pillayar even in that form. This simply exhibits His Universality and how ubiquitous he is and easily reachable. But one unique place where Vinayagar is considered special is,

Location: Pillaiyarpatti, Sivagangai District near Karaikudi of Tamilnadu, India.

Temple: Pillaiyarpatti Karpaga Vinayagar Temple.

Temple Type: Cave Temple (Rock Cut)

The Inscription says that this Temple dates back to the period of the Pallavas and Mahendra Varma Pallavan was the one who built this Temple. It is more than 16 Centuries old and has many unique features added to it, being a Cave Temple (Rock Cut) is one of the oldest Temples in South India. Karpaga Vinayagar is the presiding Deity of this Temple and portrayed with only two hands and the Trunk Curled towards his Right (Valampuri) which adds up to its uniqueness. No other figure of Vinayagar has only two hands, because all the other have at least 4 hands and a trunk. Valampuri Vinayagar is considered to be more special. This Pillaiyar is a 6 feet tall mammoth image. The Deity was carved by a Master Sculptor Kon Perunthachchan.

The Famous Festival of this Temple is the Vinayagar Chathurthi Festival which is celebrated during the month of September. It is celebrated for 10 days and on the Ninth Day the Deity is covered with 80 kilograms of sandal wood paste.

Do you have any idea how many forms has Vinayagar taken?....

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